Bad L88 Hood from EBay

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 Watch out for L-88 hoods.  Not all are created equally. 


Beware of Oklahoma L-88 hoods and fiberglass parts for Mustangs.  Never use PayPal to pay for expensive parts like this because you have NO protection like you would with a credit card.

I bought this piece of garbage from a seller near Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The picture of the hood on EBay did not match what I received.  It was probably the original he copied.  Just speculation.  It was a cheap imitation.  You could see the rivets that were on the hood copied molded into the copy!

Photos from the hood advertised on eBay


I eventually received a refund for the price of the hood but lost $175 in shipping.  There is a complaint on file with the Tulsa area Better Business Bureau that I filed against the seller, Sundown Marine.  I wish I lived closer to him.  This would have been settled in court just on principle.  The seller was completely unreasonable to deal with.  This was true with my part and the parts bought by 2 others that I was able to contact.  This same seller sold other fiberglass parts for Mustangs that were equally defective.  I have contact information for the others that were burned by this jerk.

It arrived poorly packaged.  No protection at the sides.  It has shifted in the box and one corner was slightly chipped.  The fiberglass was very thin.  There was no metal frame or structure so it warped easily.  Holes incorrectly drilled so latches and hinges could not be installed.  It was too small, probably due to shrinkage.  The edges were rounded.  The list goes on.  This was not something you would put on a street or show car.  As you can see in the last photo, I eventually cut it up in small pieces and threw it in the garbage.

The hoods still appear from time to time.  Feel free to contact me if you see somebody selling new hoods of this style.  I'll help you identify the bad ones.  He has been selling on EBay under various names.  A new seller in the area will put one up for sale.  If you look at what they normally sell, it isn't fiberglass reproductions.  Then they disappear.  I've seen this 3 times this year.  When I question the seller, they NEVER respond to my direct questions about the origin of the part. 

Photos of the useless garbage delivered


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