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Favorite Corvette and Automotive Links


*          European Corvette Club

*          EuroVettes.com

*          The Classic Corvette Club UK

*          Corvette Europe

The official Corvette Europe website where you will find information about all Corvette models in Europe.


*          Corvette Museum

*          1977 and C3 Corvette Forum

  My favorite forum.  Not limited to 1977 Vettes but most members are driving "Sharks".  Friendly neighborhood.  No membership charges.  Primarily C3's but also has a C1 and C2 Tech Area.

*          Corvettecrew Forum

Another friendly forum.  C1-C6

*          GM Photo Store

You can purchase high quality photos of your favorite GM vehicles.

*          corvettetop.com

*          Corvettefaq.com

*          CrossedFlags.com

*          Vette Top 100 Sites

*          Netvettes.com

*          VetteSite.com

*          Corvettearchive.com

*          cjscorvettes.com - CJ's Corvettes toy store.  Just corvette toys.

*          Corvette America Vette Club - Yes, it's the same company that produces the parts.


Magazines and other Publications

*          Corvette Fever Magazine

*          Corvette Magazine

*          Vette Vues


*          AutoWeek

*          My Classic Car

*          The Auto Channel

*          Rod 'n Classics

*          Car Trek

*          Classic Car

*          Automobile Magazine

*          Car and Driver

*          Car Collector

*          Motor Trend

*          Drive Online



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