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Before and After
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Before, During, and After - From the Shiny Side Only

It all started in 2003 when we decided to move to Spain.  I decided all I really wanted from here was a Corvette.  I wanted a C3, primarily because I always liked the style but also because it was something free of sensors, computers, and gadgets.  I could maintain it.  I was accustomed to working on my various late 60's muscle cars when I was younger. 

The car purchased in April 2004 was a numbers matching black 1977 L-82 4 speed.  I had no idea how far this project would go.  The car looked good but I soon discovered it needed a lot of mechanical work.  That turned into a full blown suspension and drivetrain overhaul.  On the way, a crack was discovered in the front frame that required repair.

Once I fully restored the suspension and interior, I decided a wanted a Torch Red Vette!  The black with black interior was too hot and made the car seem smaller inside.  Of course the interior should have been last, but I never planned to paint the car.

I completely removed both coats of black paint and took the body down to bare fiberglass before turning it over to a shop so it could be painted.  Lots of sanding and Jasco.

Bumpers were replaced with Tru-Flex parts prior to painting.  Front and rear Indy spoilers added.  All new exterior trim, lights, grills, handles, etc.

The back window was converted to a removable type using new parts from a 68-72.  Still haven't figured out how to mount a latch to hold up the storage tray.  There's no plenum on the 77.  I've got some ideas.  Just need the time to implement them.

Last came the Keisler 5 speed conversion and new 350 crate motor installation.  You got it.  Go ahead and ask.  Why didn't you do that first?  Because.  Do you know how bad an old motor looks in a new car?  Is that reason enough to replace it?  I think so.  Actually part of the reason is that it will need a new motor someday.  It's easier done while in the USofA than on an island in Spain.

In the end, only the body structure, frame, glass, and wiring will be original.


Before, During, and After

Early 2004 - Just picked it up.  Black L82 4 speed in need of some TLC.


Let the sanding and mods begin..  Early 2005 after the suspension and interior work are done.


The black paint starts to disappear - Summer / Fall 2005


No more black - New TruFlex Bumpers - Oct 2005






July 2006 - Almost Done with the Exterior - Just trim pieces remain - Engine and transmission swap next!


99.99% Done August 2006 - ZZ383 and Keisler 5 speed are installed.


100% Done September 2006












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